Business Resilience

Resilience is the expanded view of risk.  Providing the opportunity and means to anticipate change events that may impact the business in either a positive or negative way.  Done well it will help you manage and achieve results under difficult conditions.

We can help you build a business resilience program that reduces overlap, duplication of efforts and gaps often inherent in siloed approaches, and work with you to optimise existing investments in people, process and technology. 

Our experts understand the nuances involved in each relevant industry standard, can help you embed a common language and enhance your risk culture.

Our approach means that your business remains at the centre of the risk equation.

Done right, a holistic view of business resilience has the power to increase your profitability and in turn offers an assurance that you can succeed in your mission.

Cyber Security

Cyber security ensures the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information and processes by authorised people. This is not a simple task and gets more complex every year.

ISDefence offers resourcing and solutions that help you build your confidence and capability to deter, detect, protect, respond and recover from cyber security events. Regardless of the maturity of you cyber security program, we can assist you through strategy, design, implementation and optimisation, across most areas of defensive cyber security. 

Cyber Security done well, not only allows you to make the most of your technology investments and protects your business but allows you to embrace innovation and secure your opportunities for success. 

Information Security

In an interconnected world, it is likely your business is either information driven or can’t function without it.  The protection of customer data, credit card data, and business critical data has become a mandatory component of doing business. Failure to protect that data can cause long-lasting damage to an organisation of any size. 

Information security is a critical component of business resilience.

We can help you to build an Information Security Management Program that is aligned to your organisation’s mission and objectives. One that is sustainable, operational and measured, this gives you the confidence that the information security risks relevant to your business are understood, implemented and adequately managed.

Business Continuity

The frequency, scale and source of business disruption is forever changing.  Whether you’re exposed by a natural event or cyber-attack, how you manage the event will have a direct impact on your business.

ISDefence offers far more than developing business continuity plans, we help you become more resilient by embedding elements of business continuity throughout your business.  It is about fully understanding operational risks so that you can develop appropriate strategies that reduce the impact of a business disruptive event and keep you running for longer.

We offer a comprehensive end to end Business Continuity Program that is aligned to your organisation’s mission and objectives or alternatively we can help you to discover and improve individual elements of your existing program. 

Our aim is to understand what creates your value and help you to protect it through defined strategies covering IT, Information and records management, operational risk, people and facilities.

IT Continuity

Achieving the ROI that relates to your IT investments requires their maximum performance. IT Disruptive events can turn IT from a business enabler to a liability affecting your ability to achieve your business objectives. Triggering significant impact to the bottom line through a loss of business opportunity, loss of productivity and negative impact on your brand.

Our industry-leading IT continuity professionals can lead your organisation through the strategy, implementation and operation of a proactive IT continuity program. We offer scalable, measured and sustainable approaches in IT Continuity.

Performing continual business operations while in disruption will showcase the robust and resilient IT Continuity Programs within your organisation. This will strengthen trust with your clients and can open up opportunities for growth, even at the worst of times.

Disaster Recovery

Your Disaster Recovery (DR) Program should give you confidence and capability that you can quickly resume mission-critical functions following a disaster.

Our approach challenges the business assumptions documented within business continuity plans, such as recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives.  This opens a collaborative approach to disaster recovery between the IT department and the rest of the business.  It ensures that the IT recovery capabilities are adequately designed, understood and tested and support business continuity strategies and objectives. 

This includes engaging your suppliers and vendors to clarify and test the assumptions documented within your plans.  This is essential as it provides complete visibility of the solutions and strategies both prior and during an IT incident.


ISDefence delivers courses for the following standards.

  • Information Security ISO/IEC 27001
  • Privacy ISO/IEC 29100
  • Business continuity ISO/IEC 22301

The courses in each standard are as follows and are certified by PECB.

  • Certified Lead Auditor course
  • Certified Lead Implementer course
  • Certified Principles course


Our approach to Privacy will give confidence that you not only comply with Global Privacy and Data Protection Regulations but have built in capability to prevent data breach events that impact personal data.​

Our objective is to help you improve internal business processes to ensure that personal data is protected and used in an ethical and transparent manner.