ISDefence is South Australia’s premier independent business resilience company. We help our clients build confidence and capability towards greater business resilience, offering an assurance that they have in place what it takes to protect their business and secure their opportunities for future success.

Our independence means we don’t profit from vendor products or services and we are not a part of a conglomerate of companies with shared interests, which means we don’t take shared stances on issues when they differ from our own. Our independence guarantees that we are impartial and demonstrates our desire to remain grounded in integrity, honesty and open mindedness. Our independence means we begin new relationships from a position of trust 

Founded in 2016, ISDefence started as a boutique defensive cyber security consulting firm, working on client sites and remotely. We built our company based on passion, integrity, genuine relationships and a desire to provide services that provide real value by building confidence and capability in defensive cyber security.   

Before we started we had clients telling us they were sick of spending money year to year, on audits and penetration tests because it was not elevating their maturity. What they wanted was a company that helps to elevate them to the next stage of maturity. Combining these conversations with research and our collective backgrounds, we identified the opportunity to start a business. Our belief in these ideas combined with our expertise gave us the momentum to turn our hard work and inspiration in to ISDefence.

In our first 18 months, we achieved a lot, including; Yvonne Sears, Director being named the BCI Institutes: 2018, Resilience and Continuity Consultant of the year for Australasia, we developed our internal processes and governance, we established ourselves on federal, state and local government panels right across the country, we managed to work with 10 of the largest 25 organisations in South Australia and we felt we had matured our business and our client base to a point that we could responsibly start hiring more team members. Around this time we rebranded as a Business Resilience company. 

In the last 18 months, our momentum has not stopped, as our client base has grown significantly and we have grown to meet their needs and evolved as a company. We now work from our office in the heart of the city and we have expanded our team to thirteen.

We recognised that the needs of our clients are not always high level strategic pieces of work and can also fall within the scope of different business resilience industries. This meant we needed to hire a diverse team comprised of different levels of experience and with diverse experiences. Fortunately, every time we have advertised for a position we have attracted large volumes of candidates from diverse backgrounds, this has enabled us to select only the very best to join our team. Outside of qualifications, we gauge all candidates based on a criteria of shared values, passion for their industry and irrespective of their experience level, their potential and drive to one day become an expert in their field. We always hire the best candidate for the role but we believe that diversity in thinking enhances innovation and productivity exponentially and we have already seen the results of that belief.

The type of solution we have delivered to our clients goes far beyond cyber security and we have a team that have proven their ability to support those solutions. We have delivered innovative, high impact projects, end to end business resilience programs that span whole organisations. Whilst a number of our team have also been working closely one on one within high profile organisations in a multitude of industries.

Our clients are amongst some of the largest in the market, which include, multi-nationals, government and private organisations. They understand that things have changed and they have been thrilled to be a part of the excitement of a company that “gets it”.

As a part of our desire to continually improve as a business and to support our objective of building the confidence and capability of our team we must keep evolving and be true to what we are, a business resilience company.

Business resilience as the extended view of risk, puts the business at the centre of the risk equation without placing one industry priority or lens over another.

This means our solutions are about our clients, always.  


Eddie Edwards
Eddie EdwardsManaging Director
Yvonne Sears
Yvonne SearsDirector
Grant Hughes
Grant HughesCommercial Director
Amit Malhotra
Amit MalhotraManager, Business Resilience
Lincoln Herring
Lincoln HerringSenior Security Consultant
Brad Townsend
Brad TownsendSenior Security Consultant
Runa Giri
Runa GiriSecurity Consultant
Damien Stone
Damien StoneSecurity Consultant
William Ng
William NgSecurity Consultant
Tayana Pannu
Tayana PannuSecurity Consultant
Elaine Edwards
Elaine Edwards Office Manager
Nikala Georgiou
Nikala GeorgiouAccounts


Certification may be unnecessary for your organisation. However, standards are created as a best practice which offers you an assurance. 

Information Security

ISO27001  Information Security Management System

ISO27000 Series  Information Security – Supporting Guides

ISO 27005  Information Security Risk Management


PCI DSS  Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

ISO 27035   Information Security Incident Management

BS ISO/IEC 19770-1:2017   IT asset management. IT asset management   systems. Requirements

ASD Essential Eight

Business Continuity

ISO22301  Business Continuity Management System

ISO 27031  IT Readiness for Business Continuity


GDPR  General Data Protection Regulations

Australian Privacy Law

ISO 27701  Extension to ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27002 for   privacy information management — Requirements   and guidelines


ISO 31000  Risk Management

ISO 15489  Records Management 

ISO 9001  Quality Management System


ISO 20000  Service Management