ISDefence is South Australia’s Premier Independent Cyber Resilience Company.

We began operations in 2019 and in the past two years we have grown from a handful of people to a team of twenty two. We are based in the Adelaide CBD at level 6/2 King William Street, Adelaide.

Our industry has some of the world’s largest and well-funded organisations. And as a proud native South Australian , I proudly can say, in terms of feet on the ground, we are the largest independent, wholly South Australian owned cyber resilience company.

The hyper-growth we have experienced in the past two years has been organic and has occurred through our commitment to meeting the needs of our clients. We don’t have a focus on growth, our focus is on building real relationships and continuing to deliver consistent, high quality and high value engagements that are meaningful.  Regardless of a client’s security posture or stage of maturity, we focus on elevating them to the next level.

Our strategic intent has remained, the same which is offer the maximum value to our client base, which is why we choose to grow our team and client base in South Australia. This creates added value for our South Australian clients by offering an assurance that the capabilities we claim to possess at proposal time exist and can be accessed as 100% of our capabilities reside in SA.

The importance of independence should not be understated and it allows us to begin relationships from a position of trust.

Independence comes at a price, which is to make our business less profitable. However, the idea of completing a project, being paid by the client for the outcome, then to receive free money from a vendor based on that outcome, doesn’t feel right to us. It has been our personal choice to remain independent because it aligns with the way we feel in terms of credibility and integrity. we would not be comfortable having it any other way.

To be clear, independent means we do not sell products or third party services, and this eliminates the potential for conflicts of interest. This also guarantees that we can be completely honest in our approach and professional positions and that the only interests being considered are our clients.

BCI Institute awards  

ISDefence is led by Yvonne Sears, Managing Director. Twice in the last three years Yvonne was named by the BCI Institute as the best consultant in Australasia, both 2018 and 2020, which is a huge achievement. 


Yvonne Sears
Yvonne SearsManaging Director
Grant Hughes
Grant HughesDirector
Amit Malhotra
Amit MalhotraHead of Operations


Certification may be unnecessary for your organisation. However, standards are created as a best practice which offers you an assurance. 

Information Security

ISO27001  Information Security Management System

ISO27000 Series  Information Security – Supporting Guides

ISO 27005  Information Security Risk Management


PCI DSS  Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

ISO 27035   Information Security Incident Management

BS ISO/IEC 19770-1:2017   IT asset management. IT asset management   systems. Requirements

ASD Essential Eight

Business Continuity

ISO22301  Business Continuity Management System

ISO 27031  IT Readiness for Business Continuity


GDPR  General Data Protection Regulations

Australian Privacy Law

ISO 27701  Extension to ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27002 for   privacy information management — Requirements   and guidelines


ISO 31000  Risk Management

ISO 15489  Records Management 

ISO 9001  Quality Management System


ISO 20000  Service Management